“Anderkris has characterized itself over some twenty-seven years of doing business with us as a can-do, will-do contractor. We find they bid the jobs carefully, reviewing details in advance, and providing a price we can budget for and they will stand behind. The jobs are completed with care and concern, and if we are utilizing Anderkris as a subcontractor, they will treat our customers as well as our own staff does. Anderkris is a firm we do not hesitate to involve in project from the very outset.”

Ken Hoehn, Broadcast Engineering LLC

“Anderkris has been doing field maintenance at all of our transmitter sites, more then 90 acres total, for over 20 years. They require little guidance. They keep us from incurring large fines when people dump debris on our properties. Weed control and fence line maintenance is the best I have seen in years. Their experience in grass and weed control around our critical apparatus and electrical feeds to our radio towers shows thru every year. After snow storms our remote transmitter sites are always readily accessible for service vans and deliveries. Anderkris personal has on several occasions has notified me of a problems relating to our radio towers. They are another set of eyes at our remote properties.”

Mike Dault, Clear Channel Detroit Engineering

“Chris and his people have been handling the snow at my shop for 17 years or more. I have the smallest lot in town making working conditions for them very tight. I know working my lot has to be more trouble then its worth yet they have always treated us like we are Ford Motor Company. The same crew also maintains my elderly Fathers yard on Oxford street. The conversations with my Dad take longer then the actual mowing. That’s just how that crew works. I appreciate them more then they know. I am happy to take this opportunity to again say “Thank-You.”

Tim Cote, Dearborn Offset Printing

“The Anderkris crew members I deal with, Chris, Carl, Dolly and Mark have plowed, cut, picked up litter, empty trash cans, washed windows, painted walls, changed light bulbs, installed handicap signs, supplied generators, changed air filters, hauled away freezers, glued tile, replaced door closers, installed security cameras, repaired delivery vans and anything else I called about. Carl and Dolly are in my lots 3 times a week picking up everything from cigar butts to dumped mattresses. I can not remember having to call about a responsibility left undone in the 15 or so years they have had the contracts with our strip mall. All at a very fair price! Keep up the good work.”

Lee Kolosvary, Ford and Beech Mall (Tri-Daly /Savemore Drugs)

“Anderkris Enterprises Inc, promptness to respond to our tenants need is always treated as a priority. I trust their recommendations and repairs, especially since we are an out of town leasing company. Anderkris represents us very well.”

Peggy Krowialis, Henkle Schueler Property Mgt

“Anderkris has been a fantastic company to work with. They go over and above to please their customers. As a facility management company, we are only as good as our contractors. We have hired and fired several companies throughout other territories. It’s a shame that they can’t all meet and exceed our customers’ expectations the way that Anderkis and his crew has. Anderkris is our #1 contractor!”

Shelly Hock, Team Facilities Inc